Beats by Dre: A Very Pointless List

On a very slow and¬†humdrum subway ride to Coney Island, I couldn’t help but notice half the people on the train were wearing brand new Beats by Dre headphones connected to 3 generations-old iPhones.

Then I thought it would be funny if people were wearing hamburgers on their ears called Meats by Dre.  After a very satisfying and embarrassing 30 second laugh with myself, I put together a most important list of other Beats by Dre-inspired products.

  • Pickled beets by Dre
  • Beats by gay (rainbow)
  • Meats by Dre (hamburg)
  • Tweets by Dre
  • Beatles by Dre
  • Beats by guey (Mexican)
  • Forgot by Dre
  • Cheats by Dre
  • Yeats by Dre
  • Eats by Dre
  • Secretes by Dre
  • Peet’s by Dre
  • Beats by Trey
  • Treats by Dre (treat st)
  • Skeets by Dre (gross)
  • Elites by Dre

posted 1 year ago